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        1. Company equity Code:692753

          Guanhua news

          Guan hua·Product display

          Xuzhou Guanhua Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise in Xuzhou, an advanced export-oriented enterprise, one of the top ten tax paying enterprises, a "AAA" credit enterprise in Jiangsu Province, one of the top 50 industrial enterprises in Xuzhou, and a key enterprise with the qualification of trustworthy enterprise.

          Guanhua strength

          Industry classic and family style

          Guanhua spirit: self-improvement, loyalty
          Guanhua concept: all for customers, all from innovation
          Guanhua style: surpassing value, win-win and common prosperity

          Glory of Guanhua

          Looking back, we know that Guanhua won't come easily today. Over the years, the society has given a lot of growth and care to Guanhua. Over the years, Guanhua people are grateful. Guanhua only regards quality as life, innovation as its purpose, and makes every effort to return to the society, the motherland and the development of national industry!

          All round production

          All round production of rough casting, Seiko and spray painting
          • Appearance of casting blank
          • Finish machining
          • Painting


          Focus on the real-time news of Guanhua machinery and understand the industry trends
          Share the latest news with you
          We will cooperate with friends at home and abroad with exquisite technology, high-quality products, perfect services and wholeheartedly to develop togetherView more

          Different countries share the same brand

          Since our footprints are printed in every corner of the world, Guanhua is not only owned by China, but by the people of the world. We have always been committed to providing people all over the world with more excellent mechanical products and quality and quantity life. So far, many countries and regions have experienced the charm of Guanhua. Different countries, the same is the feelings for Guanhua brand, we work hard together
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